NBA Slam Dunk Live : Contest 2020 Stream, Watch Online- “Basketball”

Ever since Vince Carter made the NBA All-Star weekend’s Slam Dunk Contest his Picasso two decades ago, the contests that have followed have been relative let-downs.

Sure, there have been plenty of highlight reels over the years from multiple award winners Jason Richardson (’02 and ’03) to Nate Robinson (’06, ’09 and ’10) to Zach Lavine (’15 and ’16).

NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2020 : Live Stream, Watch Online- “Basketball”

But what made the 2000 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest so spectacular was the fact that the league’s premier dunker (ahem, Carter) was starring alongside a cast of A-list contenders including Tracy McGrady, Steve Francis and Jerry Stackhouse. No disrespect to this year’s participants — all athletic dunkers. But they aren’t the sport’s cream of the crop. The last time a dunk contest was held in Chicago, in 1988, Michael Jordan — His Airness himself — held up the trophy.

The dunk contests since 2000 have featured B and C-list players, even if they are classified as top-rated high risers.

This year’s class of four includes the Lakers’ Dwight Howard, the Bucks’ Pat Connaughton, the Magic’s Aaron Gordon and the Heat’s Derrick Jones Jr.

Howard was an All-Star in his prime when he won the dunk contest in 2008. This will be his first in 11 years and at 34, he’ll be the oldest to compete. But he’s also a 7-footer who often looks like he is slamming on a Nerf hoop.

NBA Slam Dunk

NBA Slam Dunk TV Rights (Worldwide)

The TV rights of the NBA Slam Dunk NBA have been available worldwide. No matter where you are if your location holds the right to broadcasting the NBA Slam Dunk NBA 2020, you can be golden. The official channel is NBA TV. NBA TV is a great option because it is the main broadcaster of the NBA Slam Dunk NBA 2020.

NBA TV comes with premium videos that you can enjoy live or on-demand.

Besides NBA TV, NBC also comes as a great option since it is the official broadcaster of the upcoming NBA Slam Dunk. With the NBC Sports service, you will be able to watch the NBA event for an affordable rate.

You can attain the whole season pass or get the specific pass for specific events like the NBA Slam Dunk NBA 2020. It is great to know that you will only need to spend ten bucks on the big events. You can also use the NBC trial if you are not sure about subscribing to the service or not.

United States

Both NBA TV and NBC Sports offer you the opportunity to watch the NBA Slam Dunk 2020 through your favorite device.

The NBA TV, as the name suggests, is a live streaming service dedicated to NBA content. It comes with different packages and prices to enjoy. You will be able to watch some premium events with this service as well. The American TV broadcast right comes to the NBC.

You can tune into the NBC channel if you are living or traveling in the US. The NBC channel also offers live streaming service for the cord-cutters. One can subscribe to NBC Sports Gold to watch their favorite sports matches right through their mobile devices. The NBC Sports Gold also offers online live streaming service.

United Kingdom

For those who are traveling or living in the UK, you cannot go wrong with Sky Sports. Don’t hesitate to tune into the UK Sky Sports no matter where you are in the UK. The officials have confirmed that the UK Sky Sports will conduct the whole coverage of the upcoming event. So, rest assured that you will be able to catch up with every spectacular moment offered by the spectacle. There are some packages in which you are able to check with the UK Sky Sports.


The folks in Canada could pick a prevalent option to watch the NBA Slam Dunk 2020 in the country. The officials have confirmed that TSN is going to broadcast the whole event. Surely, you will be golden with this choice. Tag along your pals and colleagues to watch the big event through this channel.

For those who don’t want to use their cable, you can also pick the TSN Direct to live stream NBA Slam Dunk NBA 2020. You can access the TSN Direct through your PC, browser, and other compatible devices. You just need to install the TSN GO App to your Android or iOS device to watch the spectacle while on the go.


As we know, Australia is the hosting country of the upcoming event. The official TV partners are abundant in this country. Besides watching it through cable television, the providers make it possible to use streaming services to watch it anywhere you want.

First things first, you could check on Channel Nine. The Channel Nine will be conducting the coverage of 27 hours or more of the competition that spans from nine December to fifteen. It is a free-to-air option.

If you prefer to live stream the event, then Foxtel should be your informed choice. Foxtel is an exclusive live streaming service made for customers who are living in Australia. It offers various packages but you’d like to focus on the Sports only package which costs you thirty bucks per month.

Last but not least, you could check on Kayo Sports. It is an Australian streaming service that provides sports content. So, it will be natural if the big event like NBA Slam Dunk NBA 2020 is within their coverage. It offers 2 packages which cost differently. But before deciding, you can have the 14 days free trial period. It is a win-win solution, right?
South Africa

While NBC offers the coverage in the US soil, viewers in South Africa can tune into the SuperSport. As its name suggests, Supersport is a channel that focuses on sports content. If you are in the country, consider using your device to tune into Supersport. Did we also mention that SuperSport comes with a live streaming service? So, if you’ve cut the cord, you shouldn’t worry since there is a live streaming service supported by SuperSport.

If you are living or traveling in the country, you will just need to tune into the NBA Channel. The NBA Channel is available on the internet as well. All you need to do is just hover your mouse to the official site of the NBA Channel and click the button stream. At one point, you will be thankful because it is easy and simple to navigate the NBA Channel website.

How to Watch NBA Slam Dunk 2020 Live without Cable

If you have been enough with cable, chances are you will ditch your cable and switch to the internet. For the cord-cutters, you can rest assured that you won’t need to have credentials to watch the upcoming NBA Slam Dunk 2020. Here is where the live streaming services enter to help you. There are many live streaming services that provide the official channels that broadcast NBA Slam Dunk 2020 As well. Don’t waste your time to research about the best live streaming services out there. Here are the options to consider.

FuboTV is a renowned live streaming service that has been popular because of its excellence in delivering the sports content, including NBA content. It is available mainly in the US Territories, Canada, as well as Spain. FuboTV will also handle the NBA Slam Dunk 2020 event. FuboTV comes with a wide array of plans. If you are not sure yet, you could take a look at the 7 days free trial offered by the provider. Keep in mind that 7 days of free trial is only viable to the new users. If you have an existing account, then it is the way to go.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is also on the list because it has been providing a great live streaming service for all the sports lovers around the world. It comes with a wide array of the package but if NBA Slam Dunk 2020 is what you seek then you could pick the “Access” option which is affordable and high quality. But you could also consider the Core Plan since it is more complete than the Access plan.

DirecTV Now

It is now AT&T Now. DirecTV Now has changed to the AT&T TV Now name. Despite the name change, loyal clients are still using this service because of its video quality. The subscription starts from fifty bucks and rakes up to a hundred thirty bucks. But you can rest assured since you just need to pick the most affordable plan to watch NBA Slam Dunk 2020. And you will be golden by then.

Sling TV

Sling TV has been a very popular choice amongst the budget conscious and diehard fans of the NBA sporting. you can live stream through any device you want. Whether it is a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or TV connected Device, Sling TV is a great choice for you. It comes with two kinds of packages: blue and orange. Both of them costs $25. If you have cut the cord, don’t forget to check on Sling TV. It also comes with a free trial that spans for seven days.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is indeed familiar for those who have been using the YouTube video hosting site for a while. The user-friendly interface is one of the reasons why many people are fond of this option. However, YouTube TV comes with tons of features that can be very supportive of all the cord-cutters. Not to mention that it comes with a load of favorite channels that everyone can enjoy.

YouTube TV

supports many kinds of devices. As a subscriber, you will have the right to log in to six different user accounts. That means everyone in your house will have an equal right to tune into their favorite channel. There will be no dispute anymore. However, you can only stream at 3 devices at the same time. It also comes with the DVR option which you can use in case you are missing a few games in the competition.

The euphoria of the event has been here for a while. It is a perfect time for you to respond to your own euphoria. Are you planning to attend the venue? Or just root your favorite player from your favorite screen?

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